Monday, 11 June 2012

Hello World, meet Mary, OLP

My name is Mary, or Marie depending on who you talk to.   I'm a very ordinary lay Catholic, living in the west of Ireland.   Sometimes I register for conferences and the like as "Mary, OLP", standing for Ordinary Lay Person.

The OLP was suggested by a Mercy sister years ago, when I was at and event with lots of nuns.   I like it.

I'm a theologian, just everyone else, with a lower case "t".   But mine's in 4-point font.   I can follow long convoluted arguments if I really need to, but would short words and non-technical language to describe the meaning in my life if I possibly can.

Why now?

Well I'm one of the seemingly-few lay people actually going to the Eucharistic Congress later this week.    In 1932, the EC permeated almost the entire country.   Now, I'm explaining to my Irish Catholic-background workmates what it is.   I want somewhere to share my thoughts during the week, but I don't want it under my own name:   as I read earlier this week, it must be hard living your spiritual journey in the public eye.


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