Saturday, 4 August 2012

Knowing God through rhythm

I like this post from Steve Warner of Notre Dame Folk Choir fame.

He says, in part:
I work in the world of sound and prayer ... Through sound, we express our heart's desire – the most intimate of our needs, the thing we call prayer. ...
Using musical sounds to embellish our prayer ... elevates our speech to something far beyond mere language – our words become acoustic imagery.... With the help of music, our mere words take on color and emotion and disposition, organizing our thoughts into patterns of aural brilliance – again, making them far more than what they might be as just spoken word.
This is what we should be doing, we musicians who work in the sacred fields of prayer.

While I don't disagree, I'm convinced that there is something spiritual about rhythm.   And I'd guess that the tribal drummers from various different cultures agree with me, even if they don't buy into the Christian god concept from either a head or a heart level.

I don't understand it, but when I'm working through a jig or reel, the constant driving pulse is what underpins the spirit.   No colour and emotion or patterns of aural brilliance, just a solid steady beat that keeps the thing on track.   That's the essence of God at work, I think, operating through the most unlikely of characters.

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