Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ideals, not rules of membership

Alleluia - finally an Irish bishop saying something sensible:
"...the central tenets of Catholicism were not established as rules of memberships but as "ideals". "These are all ideals that we must try to live up to. If you do not meet all these ideals, it does not mean that you cannot take your place at the table the Lord has prepared for you. The Church is a refuge for the weak, not a home for the perfect."


And before anyone starts asking what counts as a central tenet that's just an ideal vs a basic tenet of faith that is required due to being infallibly proclaimed - remember that faith is a journey. Almost no one is going to believe with the same depth for their who life. The whole point of being a community of sinful believers is to support each other on the journey, not to exclude based on weakness.

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