Saturday, 24 August 2013

We need all styles of music

I do wish our more traditionally-minded brothers and sisters could see things this way:
... discern how the Lord speaks through the different types of worship expressions in the Church and therefore use these expressions appropriately in ministry:
  • ... through contemporary praise & worship music, I see the Lord’s intimate love for his people & their passionate response back to him expressed in the simplicity and freedom of the music.
  • Through traditional hymnody, I see God’s majesty expressed in the beauty of ordered rhythm & meter.
  • In sacred chant, I see the solemnity & truth of God expressed through his Word which are beautifully sung according to the rhythm of the text itself.
  • And through the blending of Sacred chant and praise & worship in the Liturgy .... I see God’s people “singing a new song” to the Lord.

Personally, I find a great depth of spirit "feeding" in the rhythms of Irish traditional music.   In the intricate patterns blending around each other, with a unifying underlying tune, with a huge sense of life and energy in them ... I see God's hand at work guiding us our lives, and giving us occasional surprising moments.

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